An Introduction to Radiation Health Benefits,
Often Called Radiation Hormesis
Beneficial Health Effects of Radioactivity from Natural Sources

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The focus of this small website is radiation health benefits. The field of radiation health benefits seems to be often casually referenced in the literature and on the web by the broader umbrella term radiation hormesis, but the reality is that the term radiation hormesis really only describes a U-shaped or J-shaped curve depicting the spectrum of effects of radiation upon living systems, and thus, strictly speaking, the realm of radiation health benefits is only a subset of the larger (and fully inclusive) umbrella realm/set defined by the term radiation hormesis. Specifically, the primary focus of this website is the concept that there are pronounced beneficial health effects from low level exposure (LLE) to radiation from natural radioactive sources at levels that are considerably higher than normal background levels, up to levels ranging from 10X to perhaps 350X the normal background levels of radiation found in most areas on the surface of our planet. A related focus of this page will be the potential for creation of ormus-rich nutritional supplements by exposing water and foods to radioactivity from natural sources. Each of these afore-mentioned topics has previously, from 2003 through early 2008, discussed at times on my Uber-Vitality list group as one of many topics occasionally examined therein, and the latter-mentioned topics have also been discussed at times on my Ormus-Like list group and my Exotic Energies list group. However, since November 2007, interest in these topics related to beneficial health effects of ionizing radiation has grown greatly, and I finally realized that it was time to create this webpage offering an overview of the topic from my perspective and to start an email list group (listed below) devoted to these topics.

Brief Overview of Radiation Health Benefits and the Broader Concept of Radiation Hormesis 
The information that comprises the approximately 100 year-old field of radiation health benefit and radiation hormesis spans a spectrum ranging from obscure printed articles and booklets, articles in the popular media, several books, articles in mainstream peer-reviewed scientific journals, and numerous website articles ranging from the wild and wooly to the very tame and conservative. The vastness of the literature in this field, along with the complexity and the ever-changing nature of jargon employed, sometimes obscures what the theories and theorists in the field of radiation hormesis are really saying. In recognition of this problem, here is a really quick-and-dirty synopsis and summary of the field of radiation hormesis:

First, at its most conservative and minimal definition, the term "radiation hormesis" references the fact that the effects of radiation upon living systems may best be described by a U-shaped or J-shaped curve, where exposure to small to modest levels of ionizing radiation is not only harmless but also beneficial, but where exposure to high levels of ionizing radiation is decidedly harmful. The focus of this site is the realm of health benefits of low level exposure (LLE) to radiation from natural sources.

A large number of scientists, folks working the field of radiation health physics, and others feel that exposure to small to modest levels of ionizing radiation may be beneficial to humans and animals (and to all other life forms.) The postulated mechanisms for this benefit from such exposure, for the most part, have almost always included one or more of the following:
  • the hypothesis that exposure to low or modest levels of ionizing radiation challenges the body via mild oxidative stress, forcing it to produce higher levels of endogenous (i.e., internally produced) antioxidants. This theory is almost undoubtedly true; there exists a pretty strong body of evidence for it.
  • somewhat related to the above model, the hypothesis that exposure to low or modest levels of ionizing radiation challenges the body via mild oxidative stress, forcing or training the immune system to produce higher levels of anti-inflammatory compounds and to engage in higher levels of tissue repair and regeneration. This theory is almost undoubtedly true; there already exists a pretty strong body of evidence for it.
  • then there exists the hypothesis that cells in humans and other organisms are able to utilize incident radiation as a beneficial source of energy. Some authors have referenced this phenomenon using the terms radiogenesis or radiosynthesis, but the problem here is that both of these terms have already been used to describe the production of radioactive isotopes in the laboratory via exposure of various elements to neutron or positron radiation from active sources, and thus these two terms are likely not optimal. In any case, the model revolves around the hypothesis (for which there exists considerable evidence in the literature) that  the cells of living organisms (including the human body) can somehow intercept quanta of ionizing radiation and convert it into usable energy in a harmless and beneficial manner. Interestingly, this radical-sounding hypothesis is largely all but proven within the mainstream sciences for plants and microbes; so-called radiogenesis has been rather reliably demonstrated across a range of plants and microbes, including many genera that are not classified as photosynthetic. So, the ability of cells to use incident radiation as a beneficial energy source seems to be one that is far more widely distributed than photosynthesis, that is, the ability to use light as  an energy source. 
  • and then -- and this one is quite a bit more on the fringes than the above-mentioned hypotheses -- there is the hypothesis that exposing fruits and vegetables, or  water or other beverages, to modest amounts of ionizing radiation somehow increases the levels of certain much-needed nutrients in these substances, with the effect that people or animals which ingest such irradiated foods or drinks experience improved health or reversal of aging. This latter theory is particularly popular in some circles of alchemy. And, when this model or similar models emerge at times in the rather wild and wooly world of ormus nutritionals, there is the added presumption that the beneficial effects noticed from ingesting such foods and drinks are likely due to ormus or ormus-like effects, that is, that the radiation exposure created ormus or ormus-like compounds in the food or drink. There are also some folks -- including myself on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays -- within the fields of alchemy and ormus who further believe that these ormus-like effects may also be induced directly into the body via whole-body exposure to natural sources of ionizing radiation offering far higher levels than normal background levels.
My Personal Opinion
Speaking as a degreed scientist and as an intuitive, it is my belief that the vast majority of persons alive nowadays are exposed to only sub-optimal levels of radioactivity from natural sources, in other words, that most of us (with the possible exception of those few persons living in high-background radiation areas of the world, such as Guarapari in Brazil, Kerala in India, Ramsar in Iran and Yangjiang in China) are radiation-deficient. It is also my belief that many modern humans would likely benefit from exposure to greater levels of background radiation than currently observed in most places in the world today. In other words, regarding exposure to radiation from natural sources, I do not believe that the linear-no-threshold (LNT) model or the threshold model accurately describe radiation effects upon people, animals and microbes, and rather, I believe that a hormetic model best describes the effects of radiation upon life forms.

I also note that at least several researchers in the field, ranging from Dr. John Cameron (who reportedly experimented with placing chunks of radioactive ore under his bed) to Dr. Bernard Cohen (who reportedly disabled the radon remediation system in his home after reviewing the available data on radiation hormesis), along with at least several other professionals in the field, have taken steps to increase their personal exposure to radiation from natural radioactive sources.

More Detail

As of late January 2008, this is a new webpage, and I will, as time permits, be adding more material to this page and to the site.

A Brief List of Relevant Articles, Webpages, etc.
I was briefly tempted, when I first created this page, to add an extensive section offering a bibliographic listing of citations relevant to these topics, and also numerous links to other websites containing relevant articles. However, after reviewing the vast depth and breadth of quality material available in these realms online via a Google search alone, I have, for now, abandoned that ambition, as it would be largely duplicative of information which may easily be found elsewhere and it would also pose a major task to keep up with link maintenance. However, there are, in my mind, a few researchers and articles/resources which stand out among others, and I plan to list some of them along with some relevant notes as time permits. Here are a few for starters:

First, I can recommend any of the written works in the field by any of the following authors:
  • Dr. T. D. Luckey (references may be indexed also under any of the following versions of his name: Thomas D. Luckey, TD Luckey, Donald Luckey, Don Luckey) on the topics of radiation effects and radiation hormesis
  • Dr. Bernard L. Cohen (references may be indexed also under any of the following versions of his name: Bernie Cohen, B. L. Cohen)
  • Dr. Edward Calabrese (references may be indexed also under any of the following versions of his name: E. J. Calabrese, Ed Calabrese)
  • Dr. James Muckerheide (references may be indexed also under any of the following versions of his name: Jim Muckerheide, J. B. Muckerheide) on the topics of radiation effects and radiation hormesis
  • Dr. John Cameron (references may be indexed also under the following version of his name: J. R. Cameron) 
  • Myron Pollycove, MD, (references may be indexed also under the following version of his name: M. Pollycove) on the topics of radiation effects and radiation hormesis.
  • Howard Long, MD, a medical doctor and epidemiologist.
  • Dr. Javad Mortazavi (references may be indexed also under the following versions of his name: J. Mortazavi, S. M. J. Mortazavi)
  • you may also wish to review the various articles on radiation hormesis written by Mary Sue Benford, MA (references may be indexed also under the following versions of her name: M. Benford, M. S. Benford)
Next, before proceeding any further, I feel that I would be greatly remiss if I did not mention at this juncture that I consistently find that the single best compendium of good reliable information on the web on the topic of radiation health benefits is offered at the Radiation Science and Health website, and I suggest the following four pages, three pages offering the best and most informative overviews and summaries of the vast field of radiation health benefits "at a glance", and the fourth and final page offering a comprehensive online database of information in this field; here goes:

The main page for the Radiation Science and Health organization, at:

The RSH brochure page, at:

The abstracts page on presentations made at the RSH Symposium on "Medical Benefits of Low Dose Radiation," November 15, 2000, at:

And lastly, the incredible RSH database of mostly-online articles and references on the topic of radiation health benefits:

I feel that the above-listed RSH webpages are undoubtedly your best single-source resources in this field on the web! Enjoy!

And, here are references to a few specific works that I recommend:

First, there is the classic text in the field by one of the original researchers in the field of radiation hormesis:
Luckey, T. D. 1991, Radiation Hormesis, CRC Press, ISBN 0849361591

Next, there is a great lecture delivered by Luckey at a conference in France in 1993:
Luckey, T. D., 1993, Radiation Hormesis, Biopositive Effect of Radiations, Plenary lecture presented at the 7th GIRI Meeting, November 1993, Montpellier, France. Web version available at

Here is a good brief article by Donald W. Miller, MD on radiation hormesis:
Miller, D.W. Jr., Afraid of Radiation? Low Doses are Good for You, online article.

And a great article which Marshall Brucer, MD, wrote for the July 1987 issue of the Health Physics Society Newsletter:
Brucer, M., MD, 1987, RADIATION HORMESIS AFTER 85 YEARS: Background Radiation is Good for You, Health Physics Society Newsletter, July 1987

And here are a few more good online articles on the topic of radiation hormesis:

Lehr, J., 1996, Good News About Radon: The Linear Nonthreshold Model Is Wrong, invited online Special Commentary at, May 1996

Mortazavi, S. M. J., An Introduction to Radiation Hormesis, online article

Prekeges, J. L., 2003, Radiation Hormesis, or, Could All That Radiation Be Good for Us?, Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Volume 31, Number 1, 2003 11-17. Abstract available at  Reprint available at

Kaiser, J., 1987, A Healthful Dab of Radiation?, Science 17 October 2003: Vol. 302. no. 5644, p. 378; DOI: 10.1126/science.302.5644.378
Cuttler J. M., Resolving the Controversy over Beneficial Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Atomic Energy of Canada, LTD., online version available at

This list would not be complete without mentioning the Radiation Hormesis/NightHawk Minerals website, operated by Native American medicine man Jay Nighthawk Gutierrez, , who works primarily with radiation hormesis for persons who have been diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The following webpage articles discuss specifically the work of Native American medicine man Jay Nighthawk Gutierrez, mentioned and linked in the item listed immediately above:
Radiation Hormesis: Magic Stones and Cancer, Part One, Jacob Schor, ND, Naturopathy Digest, July 2007, online version available at
Rocks and Radiation Hormsesis, a post from Jay to the AnnieAppleseed Project, posted at the Annie Appleseed Project website
Testimonials Sent by Jay on Stones, a post from Jay to the AnnieAppleseed Project, containing several testimonials from patients using his protocols

General Bibliography on the Topics of Radiation Health Benefits and Radiation Hormesis
In late February 2008, I created bibliographic listing of some relevant articles on the topic of radiation health benefits and radiation hormesis and posted it to this site as a separate Bibliography on Radiation Hormesis page; it is far longer than the brief list which appears above, but is nonetheless rather brief in light of the tremendous number of articles actually available in the field.

The Forbidden Science (VP) Email List Group

Here is information on an email list group which I operate and which cover these fields or related fields.

The Forbidden Science (VP) group hosted at encompasses and subsumes topics covered by each of the several relevant legacy list groups that I had operated at private Yahoo Groups, including Exotic Energies, Ormus-like, Ormus PWT, Time-Space Doorways, Elixir Vitae, Jenny Cell, Radiation Hormesis/Radiation Nutrition, and Quantum Quiet (space effect devices) legacy list groups.

Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

How to Join
If you are interested in joining this list group, you may do so by visiting the list group home page and clicking "Join" at:

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Please note that the list group, as is true of all of my email list groups, are restricted-membership list groups, and thus, once you have applied to join, you will then shortly receive an email from the mailserver, entitled something along the lines of "Your Pending Membership in….", which will ask you for certain information; you will need to send the requested information (including your first and last name) back to the list group moderators by replying to the message if you wish your application for membership to be approved.

Enjoy! I hope to see you on the list group!

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